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We all know that history of the Pakistan army is as old as the birth of Pakistan. Countries can dream of their financial advancement and improvement when they are certain that their army officials are sufficiently able to guarantee assurance and harmony. In the event of Pakistan, a strong defence was, even more, a distinct reality to confront the experiences and threats with unfazed boldness.

Our valiant warriors of bold Armed Forces, aside from shielding the nation’s outskirts, consistently stayed in the front line of the public turn of events. Regardless of whether floods, earth-tremors and other normal calamities, keep up lawfulness or the UN harmony endeavours, the exhibition of our officials and men consistently acquired public and global recognition from their companions and enemies the same.

Air Commodore (r) Mumtaz Hussain

  • MSC (Psychology)( Roll of Honour) from Government College University, Lahore
  • Diploma in Clinical Psychology from PIMS Lahore
  • One Year Moducular Course of Personality Evaluation, Counselling and Psychotherapy Dept of Clinical Psychology from Government College University


  • Inter-Services Selection Board Gujranwala and Kohat as Senior Psychologist
  • Pakistan Air Force College Sargodha as Psychologist Officer/ Counselor and Vice Principal
  • Pakistan Air Force Academy Risalpur as Head OF counselling Dept
  • Directorate of Human Resource Induction Air Headquarter as Deputy Director


Air Commodore (R) Mumtaz Hussain is a Decorated Military service Clinical Psychologist and Counselor. At present, He is the most experienced Psychologist available in Lahore. He served as Senior Psychologist both at Inter Services Selection Board and Pakistan Air Force for 30 years in multidimensional Domains like Personality Assessment, Human Resource Induction, Training and Counselling. He recommended thousands of Candidates for Armed Forces of Pakistan and having more than Ten Thousands counselling hours. He conducted a number of training workshops and seminars on personality development and grooming, Life management, Psychological inadequacies and coping techniques. He also worked in Human Resources Laboratory and constructed various intelligence and personality tests to assess the personality.

Dr. Palwasha Urooj

  • MSc (Psychology) from Bahauddin Zakariya University
  • Diploma in Clinical Psychology from Lahore, Pakistan
  • B.T.T.C Behavioural Therapy Training Course from GPI, Lahore


Palwasha Urooj is a highly qualified doctor and lecturer who practices as a Psychologist at Online Clinic Gujranwala, Gujranwala. Love to learn new things each day. Like to read books and have good socialization. She is a clinical psychologist who Worked excessively on Career development counselling, Marital Couple Counseling, Self-esteem building, Goal setting.