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Nums Entry Test Updated Information 2020 (Syllabus & Preparation Guide)

Students who are searching for information about NUMS Entry Test and willing to secure admission in Medical and Dental Colleges affiliated with NUMS (National University of Medical Sciences). The purpose of this article is to help students by providing all information about NUMS University, Introduction, Test Schedule, Weightage Formula for Admission, Syllabus of NUMS, Constituent Institutes, NUMS Panel Institutes, Programs Offered, NUMS test Pattern, Eligibility Criteria, How to Apply, Admission procedure, AMC Fee Structure, Self-scoring system (SSC), Important Instructions, Closing Merit List-2019.

NUMS Entry Test

NUMS Entry Test is the initial step of admission in NUMS affiliated colleges. In 2016, NUMS introduced an entry test under which all admissions to Army Medical College will be conducted. The first test was held on August 7, 2016, And the second test was held on September 18. The first test was before MDCAT, and the second was after MDCAT. Last year’s NUMS entry test took place on November 18. This entry test is necessary for enrolling in public or private sector medical colleges.

Eligibility Criteria For NUMS Entry Test

Before registering yourself for NUMS, have a look at the eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria for the NUMS MDCAT 2020 test given below:

  • Students from A-Levels and FSC pre-medical can apply in NUMS MDCAT. He should have a minimum of 70% obtained marks. One who have passed any other examination, from some foreign university body with the subjects of Biology, Chemistry and English
  • Result Awaiting Students can also apply.
  • O/A Level Students can apply too.
  • IBBC certificate is compulsory for O/A Level Students
  • Additional 20 Marks will be awarded to one who has done Hafiz e Quran only if He or She passes the Hafiz Quran Test, Conducted by the Admission Board National University of Medical Sciences.

Students who get good marks have the opportunity of gaining admission. The nums seats are limited in number.

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Weightage of NUMS-MDCAT

As per the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council or PMDC, the weightage of marks is 50-50. So, the candidates applying for the courses of PMDC must have marks of the weightage as:

  • FSC 50%
  • Entry Test 50%

How to Apply For NUMS Entry Test?

It is easy to apply for the NUMS entry test. Candidates may NUMS Facebook profile and then apply from there. One can register himself via NUMS Portal.

Test Format

For the preparation of NUMS entry test, the test pattern is:

  • Minimum marks required are 120/200 which is 60%
  • The timings allowed for the test is 150 minutes
  • There are no negative markings
  • The test contains MCQs is of one mark
  • There are different colours of question papers

NUMS Syllabus

Every applicant should prepare NUMS Mcqs according to NUMS Latest Syllabus 2020. The complete NUMS syllabus divided subject-wise. The syllabus further divided into a few units and essential topics as given in the syllabus. According to NUMS’s spokesperson, NUMS Syllabus will be the same as the previous one. There are no significant changes in the syllabus and outline. So, applicants may follow the previous NTS NUMS Syllabus.

Marks Division

A complete list along with subjects marking mentioned below:

  • English 20
  • Biology 70
  • Chemistry 45
  • Physics 45

The subject wise marking of the test mentioned above Time for attempting the test is 3 hours.

Test Centers

NUMS announced the reconduct of the entry test. Some of the candidates from all across Pakistan look for NUMS locations. Test conducts in the below-mentioned test centres:

  • Abbottabad
  • Dera Ismail Khan
  • Mirpur
  • Muzaffarabad
  • Islamabad
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Lahore
  • Sargodha
  • Bahawalpur
  • Karachi
  • Hyderabad
  • Multan
  • Kharian
  • Faisalabad
  • Sukkur

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How to Calculate NUMS Aggregate?

Every candidate needs the correct aggregate calculator for NUMS. All of their progress becomes valuable with the results of the formula. Follow these steps to calculate NUMS aggregate:

  1. Marks obtained in FSc (pre-medical)/Equivalent x 1100 x 0.50 = 50% of FSc (pre-medical)/Equivalent Total Marks of HSSC/Equivalent
  2. Marks obtained in Entry test 180 x 0.50 = 50% of NUMS-MDCAT

The above-stated method helps candidates to calculate their aggregate by themselves.

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NTS conducts NUMS entry tests across Pakistan. The test starts and ends at the same time in all centres. Students who just got free from their exams can prepare for it. It is the step that leads you to your dream medical field. NUMS website may provide complete information about NTS NUMS-MDCAT.

Registration Date and Schedule Of The NUMS Entry Test

The entry test for NUMS in 2020 dates announced now. NUMS online registration is now open for all students awaiting. According to the NTS NUMS, the entry test date is 26 July 2020.  Last Date of NUMS entry test registration and submission of the NUMS entry test registration form is 19 August. Participants were allowed to register for NUMS NTS from 26 July till 19 August.

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Courses Offered by NUMS

NUMS offers different undergraduate courses. Candidates can prepare themselves for the courses mentioned below:

  1. MBBS
  2. BDS
  3. Nursing
  4. Allied Health Sciences

NUMS Affiliated Colleges

There are many universities where candidates want to enrol; one of them is NUMS university. The students look forward to a bright future. The right institution is the choice of everyone. So, they keep on applying for admission. Some of them take tests to enrol in the affiliated colleges and institutions of a particular university. There is a list of colleges under NUMS.  Some of them are public, whereas a few of them are private. Both public and private sector colleges with names given below:

Public Sector College

The Public sector medical colleges affiliated with NUMS are:

There are a total of 100 seats for MBBS in Federal Medical and Dental college. The Army medical college offers both Medical and dental courses.

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Private Sector College

A list of medical colleges affiliated with the NUMS (National University of Medical Sciences) mentioned below:

  • CMH Kharian Medical college
  • Combined institute of medical sciences, Multan
  • Islamabad Medical College, Islamabad
  • Yusra Medical colleges, Islamabad
  • CMH, Lahore Medical College, Lahore
  • Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences, Malir Cantt
  • Wah Medical College, wah Cantt
  • CMH Bahawalpur Medical College, Bahawalpur
  • Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences, Quetta
  • HITEC of Institute of Medical Sciences, Taxila

The list mentioned above of medical colleges under nums provides an opportunity for students to enrol in either private or public college.

NUMS Fee Structure

NUMS fee structure for MBBS divided into two main groups. These given as:

  1. Public Sector Colleges
  2. Private Sector Colleges

Public Sector College Fee Structure

There are two public sector colleges, which are affiliated with nums. Both of them listed below:

  • Army Medical Colleges, Rawalpindi
  • Federal Medical and Dental College, Islamabad

Army Medical College Fee Structure

The army medical college does not charge a fee. Every Medical cadet enrolled in AMC gets a 30,000 scholarship every month. The structure for paying to cadets is 180,000Pkr yearly.

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Federal Medical and Dental College

The FMDC charges Fee for MBBS. The fee for MBBS for each student is 30,000 per year.

For Private Sector College

The fee structure for NUMS affiliated private medical college listed below:

  • Admission Fee 50,00Pkr
  • Medical Charges 5,000
  • Sports Charges 10,000
  • Transport Charges 5,000
  • Tuition fee 950,000
  • Registration Fee 10,000
  • PMDC Registration Fee 10,000
  • Document verification fee 3,000
  • Library Charges 10,000
  • Government Tax 55.025
  • Examination Fee 7,500
  • Graduation Fee 15,000
  • Continue Critical Thinking 25,000
  • Total Rs.1,155,525 PKR for 1st year of MBBS

Reader Interactions

Students are required to submit necessary documents to the medical colleges for their admission. The following documents are required for admission:

  1. Income or wealth statement of the guardians or parents, Equivalent to the tuition fee of the complete course.
  2. Income tax returns
  3. Insurance certificate

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NUMS Entry Test Preparation Guide

Nums entry test is crucial for all candidates registered. We are sharing a guide for the preparation of the test. Every year more than 30,000 candidates appear for the NUMS entry test. The passing ratio of those candidates is 5%. The smart guide for NUMS entry test preparation given as:

  1. Significant Portion of a test comes from Biology. There are 70 MCQs, out of a total of 180 are from biology. Do the best preparation of Biology, as it plays a major role. Read Biology Book by National Book Foundation and books suggested by the Punjab textbook board.
  2. The questions in the test based on general chemistry concepts. Please follow the nums syllabus. Nums Booklet is best for practice. You must have a firm grip on basic concepts for passing the test. Forty-five questions come from chemistry.
  3. The physics portion consists of 45 questions in the NUMS entry test. It is a tough portion as compared to Biology and Chemistry. The test questions are divided into theoretical and numerical forms. For preparation go through your syllabus textbooks, and practice questions are given in nums booklet.
  4. Prepare English questions by practising it from the given syllabus. Must have a strong grip on grammar and tenses.

Books for Nums Test Preparation (Best Way in Short Time)

As every student preparing for the NUMS entry test. They all need sources for the NUMS Entry Test 2020 preparation. Below mentioned books and the content will help in preparation:

  • Textbooks
  • Nums Past papers
  • National Foundation Books
  • Nums Preparation Booklet
  • Handmade Notes

Most of the time, NUMS MDCAT has material from past papers of NUMS. So, students must consider them too.

NUMS Result

The nums entry test result date will be announced after a few days. Every year thousands of the participants take the NUMS entry test. Only a few of them become successful in securing admission in NUMS.

NTS NUMS Roll No Slip

Applicants can get their NUMS to roll number slip from the website They can get it by the login.

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